Mission & Values

Kim Wilson Housing's mission is to deliver innovative solutions for today's housing challenges. Kim Wilson Housing is determined to live our values - working collaboratively to rebuild our community where innovative practices create the permanent, quality housing that is the foundation of health and prosperity.

Our primary focus is on creating affordable housing opportunities for vulnerable populations. 

Our Mission 

Delivering innovative solutions for today's housing challenges. 

Our Values 

All Wyandot BHN organizations have their own mission and provide their own services, however, we all share the same values:

  • Stewardship: We display good judgment when making decisions and are dependable and resourceful.
  • Positivity: We approach our work with enthusiasm and commitment to mission. 
  • Inclusion: We make a conscious effort to ensure that diverse voices are present in the rooms where decisions are made in order to provide quality care that respects each person’s individual experience. 
  • Compassion: We treat each person with empathy, dignity and respect. 
  • Excellence: We provide quality, outcome-driven services that exceed expectations. 

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