HUD Awards Kim Wilson Housing $1.5 Million for Housing Programs

April 3, 2023

Kim Wilson Housing recently received $1.5 million from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to support housing programs in Wyandotte County. Rachel Erpelding, Executive Director for Kim Wilson Housing, says these funds will have a significant impact in Wyandotte County.

“Because of these funds, we are able to move someone off of the street and directly into an apartment,” says Erpelding. “There would be another 100 people experiencing street homelessness in Wyandotte County if not for these funds.”

The $1.5 million will go toward supporting three housing programs: Beacon Homes, Grace Homes and the Wyandot Rental Assistance Program (WyRAP). Beacon Homes and Grace Homes are both permanent supportive housing programs that provide a housing subsidy along with wrap-around services to an individual experiencing homelessness. WyRAP is a rapid rehousing program that allows individuals to receive rental assistance and support services for up to two years. As part of these programs, Kim Wilson Housing staff work closely with clients to help them find, maintain and be successful in their housing.

“They really work to help these individuals learn the skills they need to be successful in housing. Because there are some things that you forget how to do when you’ve been homeless,” says Erpelding. “That might be how to do laundry or how to pay a utility bill. That connection between our staff and the people we serve makes the program successful.” To learn more about how you can support the work of Kim Wilson Housing, please click here.