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Delivering Innovative Solutions
for Today’s Housing Challenges

Kim's Legacy

Kim Wilson had an indomitable spirit that characterized her dedication to develop housing options for persons who were homeless and to help people with mental illness on their recovery journeys. Even though she lost her personal battle with cancer on May 3, 2009 at age 44, her spirit and spunk survived her passing.

Today, her legacy lives on in Kim Wilson Housing, the agency that evolved from Wyandot Housing, Inc., that Kim originally directed. Kim wrote the initial grant for Beacon Homes, one of our HUD-funded supportive housing programs.

Kim joined our Wyandot, Inc., family of organizations as a case manager for Wyandot Center in 2003. She transitioned to the position of community integration specialist manager and advanced to assistant director of youth services (now PACES) in November 2004. In early 2008, Kim was promoted to director of housing.

Community partners who worked with her were impressed by Kim's commitment and quick grasp of funding opportunities and housing requirements. Driven by a passion to help consumers, she was a quick learner and tenacious in her pursuit of programs and services to enhance the quality of their lives.

Kim was dedicated to finding adventure in everyday life and to seeing the positive and potential in everything even when the negative seemed so big. Today, we are keeping her dream alive at Kim Wilson Housing by infusing her spirit, vision and values into our programs and services. Ultimately, just as she so relentlessly and tirelessly strived to do, we honor her by developing innovative solutions for today's housing challenges.