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Delivering Innovative Solutions
for Today’s Housing Challenges

About Us

Our Mission and Guiding Principles

Our Mission

Delivering innovative solutions for today’s housing challenges.

Our Guiding Principles

Principle One:  Housing is the foundation for good health – mental and physical.
Research shows that people cannot fully recover from trauma or disability without safe affordable housing. Home is where we're protected. It is where our health and spirits are restored. Our environment directly impacts our behavior.

Principle TwoHousing vulnerable people requires diverse community-based collaborations and ongoing support services.
Institutions and service organizations must work together to create housing solutions that include support services centered on maintaining stability. This includes, but is not limited to, behavioral health services, churches, court systems, hospitals, landlords, law enforcement and schools.

Principle Three: Housing is cost-effective; homelessness is not.
In addition to the cost savings to systems of care — behavioral health services, court systems, etc. — an economic benefit comes to local communities and states that subsidize rent to tax-paying landlords. This makes it possible for people to stabilize their lives, return to work, and/or minimize the effects brought on by traumatic events or disabilities.

Our Team

Christy McMurphy, Executive Director,   
Erin Pullen, Director of Housing Programs,
Shevella Gatson, Director of  Rental Assistance Programs,
Michele Fox, Manager of Rental Assistance Programs,
Vacant, Director of Housing Location Services
Nancy Taylor, Financial Analyst, 
Latheresa Kemper, Executive Administrative Assistant,

For information on background and experience of  Kim Wilson Housing, Inc. staff, please view the attached staff resume


Staff Awards and Recognition

2016    James Glenn (former executive director) was selected as a honorary Senior Fellow for the L.P. Cookingham Institute of Urban Affairs at the University of Missouri at Kansas City’s Henry W. Bloch School of Management. James also accepted a founding position on the advisory committee. 

2015    KWH was selected as a testing site for the SAMHSA Permanent Supportive Housing Toolkit 
2014    Jon Lecuyer (former staff) and John Johntz (former KWH Board Chair) received Change Agent Award from the University of Missouri Kansas City’s Levitt Challenge
2013    Cindy Taylor (former staff) received the Maurice Vanderberg Award for Excellence presented by the Homeless Services Coalition of Greater Kansas City
2011    Kim Wilson Housing was awarded the Ad Astra Award by Kansas Housing Resources Corporation for Innovation for the WORTHI partnership
2011    James Glenn (former executive director) was selected by The Center for Leadership Innovation as one of eight non-profit executives to participate in an international exchange program
2009    Christy McMurphy, while still with Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, received the Visionary Award from the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition
2008    James Glenn (former executive director) was selected as one of two local Bank of America Neighborhood Excellence-Emerging Leaders in the non-profit industry

Our Board of Directors 



Sherrie Watkins-Alvey

Johnson County Community Mental Health Center, Team Leader 

Brenda Adams

 S.I.D.E.  Board of Directors, Chair

Gilda Hodge


Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. – Outreach Specialist with Lived Experience

Brett Williams

 3n1, Inc. - Executive Director

Diane Etzel-Wise

University  of Kansas, Research Manager

Rosemary Podrebarac


Self-employed, Attorney

Frank Piper

VA Eastern Kansas Health Care System - Associate Manager, Behavioral Health Service/Chief, MHRRTP, Retired

Elnora Jefferson

Vice Chairperson

Oak Grove Neighborhood - President Historic Northeast Midtown Association, Inc. - Executive Director

John H. Johntz

Monarch Real Properties, LLC. - Owner




Our Location


730 Armstrong Avenue
Kansas City, KS  66101
Phone:  913-233-3356
Fax: 913-233-3357